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Welcome To Our Flea Free Site!
“Thank you for stopping by. We hope you have a tail wagging good time. Mom is busy, so my sister and I decided to set up her website. It may take us some time 'cause it's not easy to type when you are all paws.”

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COMING SOON...Kitchen Corner!

1) To Kiss a Frog or Not?
2) Chakotay
3) Stray Cats
4) I wonder where you are…
5) Erwin?...see what Krissy has to say.


Lina Belle's Corne Cafe
My Love met me this morning for a visit over a glass of tea. This is my little corner of the world where we visit often. This is where I read the love letters he has given to me. We share our thoughts and dreams.

Although he knows all that I am facing or dealing with, my Love listens to my concerns and the details of my life. He listens as if I were the only one in the world. My Love assures me that I am a child of the King. There is nothing to big or small. He wants me to bring them all. Into his hands I bring my cares one by one. My Love has strong shoulders and tells me that I need not bear the burdens alone.

I look forward to each visit and chat, knowing that he too longs to spend time with me. I am blessed, for my Beloved calls me by name. In his hands I am safe from the storms of life. It is in his arms I find peace and rest.

Lina Belle ♫

“Chewing the Bone with Krissy….”

GOOD News!!!!.....We are working on a Kitchen Corner for this website.

Richard Jr. gave us the idea. If you have any receipes you would like for us to consider, please send them to our Mom (Lina Belle) at

Right now the Kitchen Corner is in process, but we hope to have it up soon. Please let me know if you have any ideas for it.

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